My History of HamRadio

1978: Obtained the 4th-class amateur radio operator license
1979: Started to operate JH0MRP
1984: Obtained the 2nd-class amateur radio operator license
1990: Started to operate 7K1NCP
1996: Obtained the 1st-class amateur radio operator license
1998: Obtained the U.S. General class license: KD5EYI
1998: Obtained the U.S. Advanced class license
1999: Obtained the U.S. Amateur Extra class license: AC5TB
2003: Started to operate JQ2KQN
2005: Accredited as ARRL/VEC Extra Class Volunteer Examiner
2007: Accredited as W5YI-VEC Extra Class Volunteer Examiner

At the dawn of my HamRadio life, I was active on 6m SSB. Even now, of course, I love 6m band very much. During summer season, I often enjoy QRVing on 6m band with a temporary antenna.
From 1983 to 1988, I was a member of JA7YAA, Tohoku University Amateur Radio Club, which was famous as a "Contest Gang", however, I was not very interested in contests --- my interests were focused on V/UHF and Satellite Communication.
In 1986, I came across Amateur Packet Radio and joined PRUG, Packet Radio User's Group. My interests then were gradually shifted to Packet Radio. Since 1992 to 1998, I had been running a TCP/IP Amateur Packet Radio Station as a branch of AMPRnet-JA. During those days, I had been engaged in the development of High Speed Packet Radio System, especially employing Spread Spectrum technology, as a member of the PRUG96 project.
Recently, I am facinated by the traditional HamRadio again. Every now and then, I enjoy CW/SSB QSO on 20/15/10m bands, with a barefoot transceiver and small antennas mounted on a balcony.
On the other hand, I sometime enjoy long-distanse voice communication using the combination of VoIP and HamRadio. I would like to continue to touch new technologies for the next era of HamRadio, as far as I have a chance.

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